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New York City  Satellite Image  NASA


and U.S./Japan ASTER ScienceTeam.

Via Pingnews. (CC: BY-SA)



# 1

The Seat of Empire.

First President


# 2

The Bedrock of Mankind.

Average Canuck


# 3

Skyscraper National Park.

Graphic Essayist


# 4

The Original Dixieland.

Staten Irish


# 5

The Shrine of the Good Time.

After-Dinner Speaker


# 6

New York is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Village Stylist


# 7

The best thing that ever happened with this planet.

Celtic Essayist


# 8

A city of ebb and flow,

a city of constant shifts of population and economics,

a city of virtually no rest.

Architecture Critic 


# 9

A boiling pot.

State Gang-Buster


# 10

The Business Centre of American Culture.

Canadian Born Laureate


# 11

A city of opportunity.

Master of Nonsensical Verse


# 12

The Renowned and Ancient City of Gotham.

First American Man of Letters


# 13

The most brilliant star in the cities constellation.

The Dog Star of the humankind.