III. Society

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# 1

What happens to a man when he loses everything?..

Everything he has worked for...

Everything he believes in...

Driven from his home...

Cast out of society...

How can he survive?..

Where can he go?..

Right this way!

Author of Election and Sideways


# 2

One belongs to New York instantly.

One belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.

Lost Generation Titan


# 3

You come to New York to find the ambiance that will evoke your best.

You do not necessarily know precisely what that might be,

but you come to New York to discover it.

Creator of Archetypal Psychology


# 4

Manhattan is a heaven for the ambitious.

New Yorker Morris


# 5


Very high!

Hyper high!!

Incredibly high!!!

Indescribably high!!!!

As high as it's possible!!!!

NY Motto:

Even higher...

UN Proxy


# 6

He is Yorkshire said of a shrewd man.

Unnamed Briton in 1670


# 7

Even the (NY) bums are talented.

Michigan Storyteller


# 8

Every person on the streets of New York is a type.

The city is one big theater where everyone is on display.



# 9

Before I knew it, I actually began to brag about being from Kansas!

It was the nature of New York that forced me to claim my past.

Playwright from Midwest


# 10

There are two million interesting people in New York

and only seventy-eight in Los Angeles.

A Patron-Saint of Laughter


# 11

Every time a car stopped, I heard a new tongue.

New York is not an American city.

It is like an enormous waiting room in a railway depot

fixed between the two hemispheres.

Irish Born Diplomat


# 12

New York is all about how much you worth...

As a human being.

Back Bay Bronco


# 13

Most human beings are driven to seek security and comfort.

But there is another group that can only thrive on

change and the unexpected of New York.

Actress With The Longest Career




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