II. Importance


Broadway  Minskoff Theater  Planet Hollywood  Swatch

Photo by Joshua Davis (articnomad) (CC: BY-SA)



New York is a different country.

Maybe it ought to have a separate government.

Father of Mass Production


# 2

New York to America is what America to the World.

Apparel Man


# 3

The magnificent façade of the homeland.

Spokesperson of Lost Generation


# 4

When you are away from old Broadway you are only camping out.

Father of American Musical Comedy


# 5

It is the icing of the pie called Christian Civilization.

American Nietzsche


# 6

To tell a story of New York would be to write a social story of the world.

Father of Science Fiction


# 7

Jordan is where the world began.

Hudson is where it's going to settle.

Comino Technique



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