# 1

It is nothing new of course, but that would be a good thing to install a lot of outside walkways and staircases.

Arky TM


# 2

Here's my advice.

Put some designer features from the Builderberg hotel in the building's interior.

Members of that group will feel there more comfortable.

Eire Partner


# 3

Maybe those folks will need some kind of a hidden separate Builder-building inside the Central.



# 4

Can this Central be also the museum of our civilization?

From the bottom to the top.

For example, the basement walls covered with Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Mau 4 Mau


# 5

It should be transparent inside, not necessary from outside.

I think Central should be directed, turned to its center.

Digital Bookbinder


# 6

The real-world staircases cannot be on outside. It's too inconvenient.

Transparent elevators will do.

Milwaukee Clem


# 7

Being Italian, I still liked those Star Wars prequels.

If you will take structures from the past as samples, please don't forget rails for the walkways and inner bridges.

Nowadays, not everyone is Jeday.

Palmetto Sabrina


# 8

Who said something about walkways?

How about tubes instead of bridges?

You won't fall from something like that.

Methodist Salesman


Surreal Height  Walkway Tunnel  Vanishing Point  Red Color

Photo by Nikodemus (CC: BY)


# 9

No need to expose too much, but I don't like the castle idea.

It suits more totalitarian regimes.

Dejay Trucker


Disneyland Towers  Sinister Castle  Color Illumination

Photo by Dave Q (CC: BY)


# 10

All of these towers should have transparent roofs.

Slick Alligator


# 11

You just having fun with all those ideas. I can do it too.

Central doesn't have to be a Museum, it already has Metropolitan.

I think that building will be the CTRL lobby.

The place where the future lobbyists will be meeting the planetary executives.

Fourth Child Favorite


August Saint-Gaudens  Architecture  Metropolitan Museum of Art

Photo by B.D.'s world (CC: BY-SA)


# 12

Something about the structure of that building:

See-Thru Top

Half-Transparent Middle

Monolith Base



Olympic Stadium  Football Arena  Green Color

Photo by Daveybot (CC: BY)


# 13

Why nobody said anything about the Planetary Conference Hall?

How big can this Planetarium be?

Irian Jaya


# 14

Not big at all.

In the Digital Democracy, most of the people will be taking part in referendums after they brush the teeth, before they go to sleep.

Colonel 78


Black and White  Computer Screen  Bedtime Work

Photo by Striatic (CC: BY-SA)


# 15

I think the French already gave us something original for the Ecumenical chapel Chapel at Ronchamp of Corbusier.

Orkney Man


# 16

Bilderberg is just a name. That hotel means nothing.

NoHo Paralegal


# 17

Alhambra is a very good sample for the Chapel.

It looks like an Observatory.

Rabat Man


# 18

I just read that entry about the Central Video Game.

Is there CTRL in the Batman Beyond series?



# 19

It's not a project, it's just an idea.

The main building, maybe surrounded by several towers, is in form of a pyramid.

Am I a member now?

Bengali Pharmacist


# 20

Yes, this cluster of towers should be interconnected with overpasses.

It's very useful and it's symbolic.

Mulberry Chicagoen


# 21

I have an idea too:

Let's not pronounce it Ce'ntral.

Let's make it Centrál.

People won't confuse the name with the adjective.

GorDon Flash


CTRL Home  Laptop Keyboard  Gray Color

Photo by Mr Conguito (CC: BY)