# 1

Nobody said anything about the lower levels.

It's a good place for public spaces: cafes, malls, playgrounds.

Can you paste pictures of Great London Authority HQ with my entry?

By the way, it was designed by Norman Foster.

Sometimes the outside space is even more important than the interior, A.G. Eiffel knew that.

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# 2

I checked the Central Park map again.

The reservoir is set next to the Tennis Courts.

There is the bridge No. 28 between them.

The most loved and most elegant, and the best place for outside meetings.

Does that mean that the main sport for Centralites will be tennis?



# 3

That could be interesting.

The Great Lawn is located next to the Reservoir site.

Don't you think that will be a perfect place for political demonstrations?

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  Central Park  Great Lawn  Illustration Map  NYC


# 4

It won't be perfect for the grass.

Maybe we can set there something like the London Speaker's Corner.

How about a special microphoned rostrum that produces a digitally-remastered hyper-enlarged image of the speaker?

That would be the first and the only permanently designated speakers' corner in the United States.

Philadelphia Briton


# 5

What are you talking about? WHERE are you talking about it?

Why do people need rostrums if they already have Internet Forums?

What that central needs is a large public area around.

I don't know about you but I like so sit on stairs outside of big buildings.



# 6

I think digital avatars of protesters from all over the world can visit the Great Lawn without its damaging.

In the nearest future people will be taking part in picketing using their bracelet computers, without leaving their rooms.

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