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You know what I've been asking myself?

Why couldn't American presidents keep those bicentennial tortoises as White House pets?

Bush twins could have put their drinks on best buddies of our Founding Fathers.

Imagine this kind of connection between generations.



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That's an interesting point:

Birds live longer than mammals, and certain reptiles the longest of all, especially in captivity, that's true.

Yet animals aren't plants.

Animal cells lack cellulose walls and chlorophyll.

Animals can't photosynthesize to eat; they need more complex food, like proteins.

They move around when they want to and respond quickly if poked.

To make it short:

The gastrotrich (a minute aquatic animal) lives three days.

Average man about 75 years.

An olive garden can survive more than ONE AND A HALF MILLENNIUM.

That Central you are talking about MUST have olive trees on its upper floor.

Did you know that half of the Papal Residence area is actually a garden?

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# 3

I like the idea of the olive garden too.

It seems an olive tree can live up to 1500 years. But it's not so simple.

It will need a very special care.

The grove cannot be a working area. May be this garden can be set up around some sort of a CTRL chapel.

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# 4

Vadanyakul, Prabhakorn house. Take it as a sample for the garden.

High-tech and wilderness can coexist: functionalism is the best option.

If you will find its pictures, you will see: the pool and the sky are parts of that garden.

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# 5

This is what I found out.

Currently, the oldest living organism known is an individual of Pinus longaeva nicknamed "Methuselah," hidden in the Ancient Bristlecone PineForest in the White Mountains of eastern California, and measured by core samples to be about 4,700 years old.



# 6

I have seen the real pictures of those Pinus Longaevas. They don't look as good as Olive trees.

Some Creosote Bushes are 12,000 years old, but people don't put them in their greenhouses.

Have you ever heard about the Garden of Gethsemane?

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