Undergound Tunnel  Munich Marienplatz  Orange 

Photo by Radio Tonreg (CC: BY)

# 1

Do these people really need their own gardens inside? They will have Central Park.

I just think it should be equipped with a tunnel system.

Thirty seconds - and you in the Mall.

Then - in the Boat House.

Then - in the Zoo.

Then - in the Columbus Circle.

It should be not like our subway.

Something new, with a new name - Tube or Gallery.

Dago Red


# 2

I would support the underground idea.

Just please no chewing gum in that Gallery!

I still don't know who really invented it, but I want to pray for that sinner's soul.

One Tree Hill Fan


Shoe Rubber  Chewing Gum  Sticky Floor

Photo by Mahalie (CC: BY-SA)


# 3

I think it's a good proposal underground Park City underneath of Central Park.

This could be the major tourist attraction in New York.

Postal Tyrell