Cinderella Castle  Magic Kingdom  Florida Disneyworld

Photo by Zesmerelda (CC: BY-SA)


# 1

If it will be ever completed only as a Complex of Skyscrapers, as a cluster of towers.

The top of the tallest might look like a windmill.

I read that in 1664, your city's tallest structure was a one-story windmill.

Alternatively, they can place a windmill's replica on the top, in the middle of a rooftop garden.

If you agree with the complex idea, think of our Fairy Castle, with skyscrapers instead of towers. This picture is very inspiring.

That's why we hang it in offices.



# 2

Not a fortress. It is supposed to be some kind of half-transparent structure so New Yorkers (and the whole world) can see what is going on.

Antik Dealer

# 3

Who knows something about that French building with every known architectural style included?

I can suppose it looks like a mess, but don't you like the concept? Every race, every creed working in CTRL will have something they like.

Butterfly atriums, rainforest areas, winter gardens with a real snowfall, animated fountains, all these things next door to each other.

It's supposed to be one expensive construction project.

The most talented people from all over the planet will be fighting for the privilege to work there.

Baltimore Kid


# 4

Mixture is good, especially in the salad.

But CTRL should be something original and totally new like La Tour Eiffel or the Guggenheim building.

Big George