Now forget everything read about Spectacular Seasons, the Granite Ground, the World Harbor, the Fresh Water, and the Ocean Air.

The most perfect thing about New York City and its most important asset its men and women.

Washington Irving once compared them to the legendary inhabitants of the Ancient City of Gotham, the people who knew how to beat the Catch-22 even before the Catch-22 existed.

Unlike residents of the British Nazareth, New Yorkers don't have to frighten IRS collectors by feigning madness.

Yet they need all their savvy to manage the Capital of the World. Probably, because nobody is able to do it.

For one particular reason.

Everyone knows that the Fun City is the most attractive Urban Center in the world, the Universal Hub for Commerce, Business, Finance, Fashion, Medicine, Entertainment, Media and Culture, the Main Engine and the primary Command Center of the Global Economy.



Time Square  City Lights  Advertising  NYC

Photo by Heymynameispaul (CC: BY)


Plus unlike Tokyo, London, or Beijing, it is a 24-hour Metropolis with a unique ability to stay awake with the whole planet.

Nevertheless, there is one thing most of New Yorkers like the most about their city.

Every Ethnic Group Here Is A Minority.

They say that some of those largely monoethnic Asian and European capitals can provide decent conditions for living, but their time is in the very remote past.

From the scientific point of view, New York is not even a city but a giant Social Experiment in cross-cultural harmony.

When it comes to examples of ethnic coexisting, some analysts cite the Caribbean island San Marteen shared by two nations for centuries, and forget about the Seven train in Queens shared by two (hundred) nations every morning.

But the most interesting thing is that New York will always be NEW York. With all their virtues, topography and climatology don't define this place at all.

New York City will be always the Forever Young City.

Because like Pablo Picasso, it has the gift to reinvent itself with every Life Cycle.

This is the main secret of the most international of all International Metropolises.

It is populated by the whole world but it always has one ethnic Group in Charge of the House.



1. First Dutch

2. Then Irish

3. Later German

4. After that Italian

5. Recently Jewish

6. Very soon Latino

7. Subsequently Hindu

8. Inevitably Chinese



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