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In South America, people say: “We are the good; you are the neighbor.” But not in 40°43'N 74°00'W.

Quite unexpectedly, Nueva Ciudad is the only place on this planet where the Bolivar's dream came true.

Because in here, the questions who is good, and who will be the neighbor – up to the landlady. Everyone feels that the transition period is about to be over.

Before long Hispanics will move their smartest individual into the Gracienda and set their rules of the game.

Not for a long while, of course. The South-Asian Super-Achievers already breathe them in the neck.

What is important, we are lucky to live in NYC in these particular decades and have these kinds of archetypes.

So the question is: Is that legendary Spanish largeness of spirit such a hard act to follow?

Ethnological studies state this spirit is made of three basic components: Gothic Pride, Moorian Melancholy, and Sephardic Superstitions.

Which means that anyone who has Jewish, Arabic or German blood in its veins may already consider himself partly Spanish.

But nobody can become the 100% Real Thing without knowing what they know. La Lengua.

It is not just one of a tool to learn the world or a way to accelerate your career. In the First City of the World it's a sign of being cool.

The good thing is that Spanish is a quite easy tongue, especially for New Yorkers.

An old Peninsular proverb is saying: “When the God wished to punish the devil, he made him study Basque for 7 years.”

But according to Leo Tolstoy, any average person can learn any language in three months.

Even that bizarre Caucasus-related remnant of the cavemen vernacular, a.k.a. The Most Difficult Tongue in the World.

With one particular condition: The language you study has to be a Language of Love.

Maybe this is why according to the Gotham statistics, the old NY phenomenon – IBM (Italian By Marriage) is now being replaced by the newest NY factor – LBD (Latino By Dating).

In other words, anyone who wants to be a real hip XXI-century Gothamist has to study Spanish. Or at least help somebody in doing that.


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