With all that, the most precious New York asset – its Terra Firma.

One Angeleno bitterly said: “Living in California is like dating Lana Turner.” Consider this before buying property on the Seismic Coast.

The Northridge Precursor was the costliest shake in United States history. Yet its biggest impact was psychological.

Emergency Button – Earthquake Rescue – Elevator Danger

Photo by Rick (CC: BY)


Shocked Californians begin to ask themselves: “What all these painful diets and expensive liposuctions are for?”

The real estate experts say that some of them already preparing escape routes to America's Mecca.

So if you are planning to move to New York City, try to do it before the BIG ONE.

One day this place may be flooded with multitudes of suntanned refugees. And the housing prices will be impossible even to ask about.

But the good thing is that our urban planners can build here as many skyscrapers as they want.

Some sections of the Hard Granite Bedrock of New York date about 100 million years ago.

That National Treasure opening under the Trinity Church cannot exist for geological reasons, but on another hand it's a guarantee that our City by the Sea will never be flooded with saline.


New Orleans – Hurricane Katrina – National Geographic – Map

Photo by GISuser.com (CC: BY)


Unlike the Most Unique Place in America in 2005

(or the Citadel of Chinese Economy sooner or later).





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