Leaves Assemblage – Colorful Mosaic – Four Seasons

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A real Man has to have a character, a real City has to have seasons.

The first thing that surprises all southern visitors in New York City is absence of the crowds of homeless. The City Hall is not responsible for that.

Same Italians populate the lazy South and the laborioso North. But the latter part of that country has Winter.

Residents of Sicily say: “Sun is the father of the ragged.” Because it spreads them wherever it can.

Another best example is Rio de Janeiro, the real Capital of the planet's richest poor country.

“The world most beautiful city and the worst thing that has ever happened to Brazilians.”

What that cliché really means?

It means that the lifestyle of the January River sets the disastrous pace for the best half of the South America.


Sexy Bikini – Beach Girls – Vacation Resort

Photo by Jaroslavd (CC: BY-ND)


People who live near the Sugarloaf Peak feel like perpetual tourists.

“You cannot disillusion a Brazilian.”

Why do you need to bust yourself building skyscrapers if you can be happy in a favela?

All you have to do all year long is spend days on the beach and “progress by night when politicians are asleep.”

On the other hand, some people complain that for the Capital of Christmas, New York doesn't get enough snowfall.

Well, it's true. When it is The Best Time of the Year, our city does not get half-paralyzed, for instance, five days a week.

Sometimes its streets are getting covered with white raindrops, but just to remember what it feels like.

Though if you really miss the White Wonderland – take a weekend train upstate.

Meteorologists still try to figure out how do Hudson Counties manage to suck up one third of Canadian snow.


Sun – Winter – Sky – Snow – Light – Contrast

Photo by SuperFantastic (CC: BY)





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