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# 1

I have some proposals for the WG.

The Swiss Executive is the most stable government on this planet.

It's based on idea of part-time politicians.

The headship of state is collectively vested in the 7-member Swiss Federal Council.

This is the best sample for the Digital Democracy in action.

Switzerland features a system of government not seen at the national level on any other place on Earth: the Direct Democracy.

For any change in the constitution, a referendum is mandatory; for any change in a law, a referendum can be requested.

In the Digital Democracy any change of law is just a billion clicks away.

Colonel 78


# 2

Swiss is good, I agree. I checked online info. They really do not have a single head of state. I liked that the most.

The President is not the Swiss head of state (this function is carried out by the Council In Corpore = in its entirety).

The Federal Council, Switzerland's government, has 7 members. Each year, a different member becomes the Federal President.

The post confers no special powers or privileges, and the president continues to administer his or her own department.

Americano 301


# 3

You say no head of state? That's neat. It will be no need for any state visits anyway.

Part-time politicians? I want something like that right now. Ain't we all sick of those career-making 'pros?'

I wonder what kind of plans Oprah or Bill Gates have for the next decade.



# 4

Ok, the sample of Swiss democracy could be good for a start, before it will evolve into something new.

I just want to say that not only Switzerland has something to offer. Singapore too.

Don't forget that the World Federation will have to include the Third World. Harry would know how.

One Tree Hill Fan


# 5

Did you hear that saying: "The World is proof that God is a Committee"? It's just a quote.

Swiss Guards are still responsible for the security of Vatican City – it's a fact.

I've been there many times: it's Reservoir-sized indeed.



# 6

The Rolex System could be not bad. (The Swiss created the Internet after all.)

I like this idea 'No Head of State' too. We don't need no Earth Emperors.

Let's hope in the future we will have somebody else to talk about:

Like multi-sport stars, teenage scientists, self-financed space explorers, or digital actors living in our realm.

Moravian Man