Half-Life – Screenshot – Playstation – Video Game 

Photo by Anomalyzer (CC: BY-SA)


# 1

I got a promotion idea. How about a Central Video Game?

Place of Action – Digital Central

Time – 2107

Hero – a XXII century Gothamite

He has an objective –

Penetrate inside as a tourist;

Bypass the protection systems;

Thwart the Last Terrorist Act;

Change the course of history;

Try to stay alive.

Vlamand Man


# 2

When I learned about this project, the first thing that came to my mind is that

Central is already featured in a movie FIFTH Element.

This is the brightest futuristic film I can recall.

I especially liked the girl's clothes.

Can it be a useful idea? 



# 3

My thoughts – maybe CTRL is supposed to be not too big.

One million people helping several councilors?

Too much bureaucracy is not a good thing.



# 4

The best sample for CTRL is Pentagon.

“Because of its enormous size, it operates like a small city; it has its own shopping mall, power plant, water and sewage facilities, medical clinic, fire station, and police force.”

Nyorican Veteran

# 5

Police force? One day the surveillance systems will learn how to not only detect, but also effectively neutralize any potential danger.

Everything will be automatic.

Unionized Mestizo


# 6

Did you all know that the Central's Clinic is built already? It is at 100th Street,

I work there.



# 7

The CTRL's upper floor should be lit up all the time.

So earthlings will always know: somebody is working for them 24/7.



# 8

After I told my companions about this website, they gave me a great brand idea for your project promotion.

Just one word: CentraLite.



Beer – Girls – Sexy Cleavage – Breasts

Photo by Surfstyle (CC: BY)