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  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir  Central Park  NYC


Photo by Zutalegh (CC: BY-SA)



What this project is about?


It's about the Vatican-sized entity in the middle of New York Central Park containing a billion gallons of useless water.

The most important question is what to do with this mere now?

The Central Park reservoir was built to distribute fresh water to New Yorkers.

After the upstate aqueducts solved this problem, there have been proposals to turn these 106 acres into a beach area or a yacht club for Manhattan uber-privileged.

There is an alternative to this venture.

We can claim this place as a site for the Biggest, the Tallest, the most Elegant and Innovative Structure in the history of our civilization.

The Central, a.k.a. CTRL.


What would be the purpose of this structure?


Most of the futurologists agree that by the end of this century the majority of countries will form some sort of a World Federation.

In other words, a hundred years from now the White House will be the home of a mid-sized museum, the Capitol a big recreation area, the Block P (a.k.a. Pentagon) the largest housing project, maybe the residence of some New Age hippie community.

But the fate of the planet will be decided someplace else. Most likely in the City of Cities.


What is the exact purpose of this website?


1. Designing of the New York Central, the homeplace of the Earth Government.

2. Building this CTRL virtually.

3. And promotion of the Lot83 project. 


How can anyone participate in this project?


Post your entry to the Message Center and mention something about yourself, to designate the author as a voter for the ultimate Virtual Design.



Architecture  Temple  Ancient Egypt


  Photo by Pathfinder Linden (CC: BY)



What kind of entries can be posted on the messageboard?


Anything connected with the Lot83 project. 

Just remember a hall design or a construction idea is much more valuable than an overall architectural plan.

That's why the best way is to start with CTRL components: Study Chambers, Atrium Cafeterias, Conference Gyms, Information Escalators, etc.

Anything you think will make the major planet landmark unlike anything else.

All kinds of ideas can be useful. For instance:

According to the US Census, current Central Park's population is less than 20 persons.

How do you think it's going to handle a million more?

If you don't think you can compete in this area with professional architects like Norman Foster or Brad Pitt, just post anything you think about the World Government Concept. 


What if one doesn't have any ideas for Lot83?


This website is also a tribute to New York as the World Primary City.

Post anything that you like about New York itself.

One of 10 million reasons why this place only can be the Capital of the World.

Your favorite fact, impression, restaurant, place, picture, character, song, filming location, calendar date.

What exactly do you like about it. Something not everyone knows.

The major advantage of this website that it is not Government-Affiliated. That is why it can display only positive information. 


Why does the Lot83 project need promotion?


You may laugh about the idea of the Onassis Super-Rich Yacht Club, but don't forget that Central Park became Central Park only by accident.

The fat cats didn't fill this area with their mansions just because its flatness freaked them out.

It's not a figure of speech, it is a historical fact.

They say their Hampton descendants still regret that mistake. We may not be that lucky this time.

You can help the Lot83 project by publishing your article.