# 1

When I come back to Berlin, I remember that I am not an Ossi anymore. I come from the country of Karl May, not Karl Marx. Don't you aborigines look down on me.

Non-Pennsylvanian Non-Dutch


# 2

I always wanted to live in America. When I settled in New York, I realized that the real Wild West is just behind the White Planes.

People who live here for generations (there are such people, to my great surprise) have no idea how interesting their upstate is.

I had to explore things like the Adirondack forest, the Seneca Reservation, the Genesee River, that water serpent in the Lake Champlain without their help.



# 3 

Well, my Huguenot ancestors came here with the Dutch.

When I will have an opportunity to orbit the moon, I will take it.

Right now, I know there is nothing beyond our Subway System. I love New York, The City. 

Though I like to go to weekend food markets on city squares and chat with townsfolk; they seem like very interesting people.