Central Park  Manhattan  Urban Panorama  NYC

Photo by Duluoz Cats (CC: BY)



Before somebody else jumps in, I want to say something nice about the best known forest in the world.

You do not believe the Central Park Area (several blocks in length, and three cigarette butts in width) when you see it:

Mountains, lakes, rivers, wilderness enclaves, islands, ravines, hidden roads, exposed dungeons, waterfalls, battlefield grounds, mineral springs, arches, bridges, fountains, plazas, castles, terraces, malls, mazes of tracks, playgrounds, recreation centers, ice-skating rinks, not mentioning Egyptian pyramids, polar bears, and hundred million year old rocks.

Any time of year, I just love this place.

Akron Kool



Everybody loves this place, because it belongs to everybody.

What will happen when the so-called world government will move into our park?

How our grandkids are going to catch a break from the noise and urban chaos?

Go back to cemeteries like in the XIX century?

Former Country Editor



I love to visit Alice in Wonderland. Central Park is the only place where this smart girl could be now.

Manager From Brooklyn



Don't worry. Central Park can handle five times more visitors that can fit into the Grand Canyon.

We will get along.

Canadian-Born Hotelier



Central Park as the Winter Wonderland is at its best.

NY Schoolmaster



I like these sunny June Weekends in the park. The whole world comes there; I can't miss something like that.

Motown Girl


# 7

We live in New York because it's close to Central Park.

Quinto Aprendiz


The Lake  Central Park  Manhattan  NYC

Photo by Stig Nygaard (CC: BY)