Everyone seems to like the idea of CTRL transparency. 

It will be no skirts for women working in building in this case.

Italian In Training



Someone mentioned something about the CTRL uniform.

From what I know, NY Black is the most likely candidate for the color of the Centralites' uniform.

Let me save you some time to summarize the obvious.

Why BLACK is The New York Color?

Because in fashion, it is considered the ONLY reliably stylish color.

Dressed in a suit, you look better than anyone in the room.

Dressed in a black suit, you look better than people dressed in suits.

Dressed totally black, you still look much better than all of them.



Because All Colors Are Shades Of Black.

Black Is Top Authority.

Judges and priests of the oldest denominations traditionally wear black.

Black Is Strength.

The plain black flag is the opposite of a white flag signaling surrender.

Black Is Technology.

Ford is not the only person who knew that.

Black Is Success.

To say one's accounts are "In The Black" means that one is rich, free of debt.

The colloquialism "The New Black" (maybe it should be called "The New York Black") is a reference to the latest trend or fad, because as I said black is ALWAYS fashionable.

A hundred years from now it's the safest bet.

It's just came to my mind. Black Is The Color Of Information. You are looking at it!




There is one important thing to remember.

Black = Equality

In the ancient China, a loose yellow thread, stuck to the highest nobleman's clothes could mean only the evidence of his treason against the Emperor, a crime punishable by immediate and torturous death.

But in the New York State Empire, everybody can dress dark. Anybody who cannot afford expensive wear can buy clothes of the same (black) color and look stylish like everyone else.

Also in China, black is the symbol of North and Water, the Fifth main color.

The color of New York?

Asian From Flushing



You didn't mention that black is Bruce Wayne's favorite color.

Our (super)man would never put underwear over his pants.

Buffalo Engineer


Christian Bale  Black Suit  Celebrity

Photo by JND90745 (CC: BY-SA)



Black Is The Color Of The Universe.

Top that.

All those astrophysics make their careers trying to explain to us what the stars are really made of.

None of them ever tried to tell me WHAT IS THE DARK MATTER?

What is it?!

Kings County Tech


# 6

You all said more than enough on this matter.

Nevertheless, let me add a few words:

Maybe golden color for the CTRL execs. 

Maybe crimson suits for the Committee people.

Home Amalfian

# 7

Yes, black looks fine. This is the color of mystery.

I like everything Gothic, especially in Vampire and Matrix movies.

Also that's the shade of freedom.

Black is the main color of the anarchist symbolism.

Unbusiness-Like Jew


# 8

In a word:

"Black Is Posh."

Apparel Man