Adams wrote three cynical words in Hamilton's epiphany: “Vice, Folly, and Villainy.”

Here is one fact for the Red Sox fans:

Our man started to work after he turned ten, and he died broke.

Yes, after all possible accusations that he had taken advantage of his weird policies for personal profit, the “elitist” Hamilton died a pauper.

He could have easily amassed a mega fortune (AH became a CEO by the age fifthteen).

He could have not to undercharge all his legal clients;

Or at least accept the army pension to which he was unquestionably entitled. (Do you know who British military historians call the real hero of Yorktown?)

Instead, the first American Prime Minister chose to leave a blameless public record.

Just because all members of Adams cabinet secretly consulted with Hamilton on all matters of US policy doesn't mean that Hamilton was “devoid of every moral principle.”

At least, this man wouldn't make it personal.

NY Aquárius