I want to add something to the 'eternal argument.'

Who had the better vision?

Dangerous Industrialist Hamilton Vs. Good Agrarian Jefferson.

Who turned out to be right?

Judge it for yourself:

1. North overpowered South.

2. Britain overpowered France.

3. Free Market overpowered Planters Economy.

4. Regular Army overpowered Militia Bands.

5. Central Government system overpowered States Rights lunacy.

We live in one indivisible nation. The one our man always believed.

However, there is still one unsolved issue. The last stand in that argument:

City of New York Vs. City of Washington.

In school, I was taught that that ridiculous Swamp Thing was built as the future capital of the world.

Who knows?



Swamp  Capitol  Washington  DC

Photo by SC Fiasco (CC: BY)