This is what I want to add.

Gore Vidal was wrong about Alexander Hamilton.

Not a chance that man was somehow connected with the British Intelligence Service.

That myth was created just because Alexander was an open Anglophile, a really unforgivable crime.

Though there is something interesting about him.

I think that more than anybody else, Alexander Hamilton was the James Bond of his time.

Born from a son of Scotland and a daughter of French Protestants.

A stylish man, he loved women, and all women loved him back.

During the Princeton raid, his fighting ferocity frightened Hessian Commandos, and turned the head of George Washington, the man who became his M.

Hamilton wanted to continue to fight on his own, as a rogue militia leader, but his wise boss knew that Alexander is too valuable to waste him herding bands of Sunshine Patriots.

Washington made Hamilton the head of his personal staff, the manager of the American Revolution.

Red Hook Resident