Nathan's Famous – Coney Island – Brooklyn – New York City

Photo by Bob Jagendorf (CC: BY-ND)


# 1

Personally, I have hundreds of favorite spots in New York.

Every month I find something new or learn more about the old one.

What the most I like about all of them – no need to plan for 10 years to visit these places.

I can do it on my way home.

So far, the most original trip remains visiting the place called Breukelen, our Second Downtown.

There is a completely different city behind that tidal strait we call the East River.

I heard one travel agency sends people to the Amazon River to study Amerindian dialects.

I think it's much more fun to take an afternoon Coney Island Train, get off on a station, you never heard before, and start exploring that old unknown land.

For example, searching for original Breukelen speakers.

“Dere were toity poiple boids sittin onna coib, boipin and choipin an eatin doity woims, brudda.” 

And knowing that you can be home for flapjacks.

Nolita Resident


Map – Harlem – Amsterdam – Brooklyn


# 2

I like to go Brooklyn too, I never forget this place, because I can see its downtown from my office. The Skyline # Three.

Unprivileged Broker


View – Brooklyn Bridge – Skyline – New York City

Photo by Richard Hsu (CC: BY-ND)


# 3

Forget about trips to Brooklyn.

Long Island is the real NY Outer Mongolia. A Terra To Explore.

I quote: “Bunches of individual communities, but no comprehensive library, no important concert hall or museum, no public zoo or even aquarium.”

They don't even have a slogan, maybe because they don't need it.

In a non-distant future, when New York will become The Official Capital of the world, the rest of the planet will become One Big Long Island.

I like this place, it's a good sample for the rest of the Earth.

Ginzo Fox


# 4

Our Island has never been a small thing.

The Newsday Land gave birth to the world suburbia, the movie industry, and the cowboy culture.

Half of New York belongs to Long Island.

Hotmailer of Usual Merit