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# 1

Paris, Sydney, or Düsseldorf nice vogue suburbs.

The only real Fashion Centre of this Universe is the City That Never Sleeps.

It is the most desired marketplace to sell goods of all types. It is location of the best public relations firms, major fashion publications and the wealthiest social elite.

This where world's best fashion buyers, clothing designers, magazine editors, make-up artists, licensing executives and celebrity hair stylists make the fashion happen.

New York is the Planet's Runway. That's all.

Big Drink of Water


# 2

New York is the world's New Fashion Capital indeed.

I don't care much about those trendsetters and fashionistas.

New York is the most beautiful place on the planet because the world most gorgeous models love this city. 

I know a guy; he said came here just to find a girl of his dreams, a French-speaking model of Vietnamese origin.

Should I wish him luck?

Java Haymaker


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# 3

I see Tyra Banks is everywhere, if New York is the Planet's Runway she is the Jet Number One.

But her America's Next Top Model is just another chewing gum for eyes.

My advice try to get the Australian Version uncensored.

That is the Real Reality TV.



# 4

I heard all these things about New York City:

70 Fashion Shows, Blackclad Blondefest, Party Scene, Stare Contests, Model Waitresses, Beauties in Business Attire, etc.

For some reason nobody wants to tell me the real locations of those exclusive bashes. 

But once, my imaginary girlfriend did tap me on a shoulder and asked me for directions.

I swear it really happened. Next time I will know what to say.

Ulster Neophyte


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Photo by Babasteve (CC: BY)