# 1

I check your NY Quotes section when I get to the cubicle at nine.

It gives me a mild boost, sort of caffeine-substitute.

How come I have never noticed that this place have so many qualities?

I always thought that all sayings about New York are sarcastic, mean, bitter, and inadequate.

I have a new quote for your blog:

“The most beautiful thing about New York is New York itself.”

I won't object if you put my profile under these words.

Nyorican A

# 2 

There is an interesting saying about our place from school teacher Jim McAllister (Election, 1999).

Do you know that the original Tracy Flick is in New York right now?



# 3

I know Perotta personally, he is my hero. I can vouch that Author of Election and Little Children did't make that maxim about New York as the people's refuge.

You have to correct it.

Meanwhile I got another NYC characteristic for you: The best thing that ever happened with this planet. Don't you agree? 

Celtic Essayist