# 1

I read that maxim about camping out.

You know, it wasn't a problem under the Dutch. I heard in the Seventeenth Century the wall of the Wall Street was the city limit.

I think it is not easy these days. Where exactly New York ends? I was curious.

1. It doesn't end on the Island anymore.

2. Not in the commuting distance of Manhattan.

3. While you in New York state, for example – in the middle of Adirondack nowhere, you are still under the New York City jurisdiction.

4. Don't look the other way. For the last two centuries, North Atlantic became a part of Santa Margarita Bay.

5. Even if you get over one of the Great Lakes, you get into the Northern Village (known as Canada) dominated by a New York Clone “The Yankee Place” Toronto.

6. The coastal Interstate # 95 as a possible moving-out-route is also a silly idea. Even when you leave the Tri-State Area;

7. You still in Boshington;


Night – Satellite View – NASA – USA

City Outskirts Before Midnight


8. Boshington is a part of much bigger thing: The Megalopolis – 23 (and counting) county continuous metropolitan area (a.k.a. America's Downtown).

“This megalopolis contains a reported population of 44 million, or 16 percent or one 6th of the US population, three world cities (New York City, Boston and Washington), as well as the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, the White House and United States Capitol, the UN Headquarters, the headquarters of ABC, NBC, CBS, and the New York Times Company as well as the Washington Post, and six of the eight Ivy League schools. Amtrak's fastest train, the Acela Express, runs on the Northeast Corridor, an electrified rail line extending the length of the BosWash area.”

9. So far only from Maine to Virginia.

10. What next? Miami? Seward Peninsula? Sky is the limit?



# 2

I think that technically it is possible – to leave New York.

You have to go VERY far, and for a VERY long time.

The way Incomparable Brooklyn Dodgers did, and turned themselves into a sport laughing stock.

Let's keep these runaways as a lesson for everybody.

Cuban from Richmond


# 3

New York City is quite big, but how come I can bump into friends (or just people I met before) everywhere I go?

Taiwanese Paramedic