I don't know if you will post it.


Airport  Flying Plane  Caribbean Beach  Beautiful Day

Photo by Toddneville (CC: BY)


Maybe it's quite off the topic but that was one of my best experiences since I settled in NYC.

I think the New York winter season was created for a Caribbean vacation:


December in the City. Xmas tree at home. Ski trip upstate. Return to an Airport.


Sleepover flight to San Juan. Arriving to another planet. The most beautiful colonial city in the Caribbeans.

Narrow serpents of cobblestone streets. Charming houses with iron balconies. Sensual nightlife.

Elegant Bond casinos, the European style everyone in tuxedos. New Year countdown. Fireworks.


Motorboat travel to a different world Gustavia of St. Barts. It looks like Saint Tropez of Cote d'Azur. Or it is?

The Gastro Capital south of border. Culinary marvels of St. Barts from the best on the planet.

Very quiet after the wild celebration, street-side cafes to linger the afternoon away.

The best luxury window-shopping in Caribbean. This is where celeb models buy their tiny monokinies.

The beach in a walking distance, clothing optional, topless expected.

Everyone likes Saline, I still prefer Gouverneur, the pirate treasure site, popular for nudist, with great views of nearby islands.

In the busiest season, anyone can rent a mountain motorbike and find an almost empty strand.


Then sailing to another dimension, in Dominica, the only place Columbus would recognize today.

The cell phones are turned off. Apocalyptic settings of a lush secluded volcanic hub.

Waterfalls and black-sand beaches. Everything is greener, bigger, and brighter than in reality.

The world largest boiling lake, diving in volcanic vents like swimming in champagne.

The same day the Caribbean side is filled with sun, with morning shower scent under rainbows; Atlantic is roaring and storming again; inferior all covered with mist.

Feeling yourself removed from the rest of the world...


Back to the office. Anticipating the next Xmas trip to three best Caribbean Islands. See you there.

NY Warren