# 1

Why nobody said anything that New York is the Sport Capital of the World?

I heard that first international sport stars came from Staten Island.

Living in New York, you can pick anything you like. I always liked Capoeira. I am not bragging, it's just a fact.

Latino Australian


# 2

You may like everything you like, but New York City's first sport will always be Baseball.

I wonder what would Yogi Berra say about this centralite venture?

It's like selling air guitars on the Internet.

Firefighter Veteran


# 3

Since I got a desk job, I really enjoyed hiking weekends in the Park.

I have a tip for those who want to try to walk through the whole park.

You should start your journey from the North, then you will move downhill.

Hard-Working Publisher


# 4

I like to live in New York and to be a soccer's fan.

In this matter, this is the most unique place in North America.

“Why do these players need a ball?” – somebody once asked me in California.

Those Californians who know why root only for Guadalajara or Toluca teams.

Irishman in NY


# 5

I know what that guy means.

People who don't understand the Beautiful Game of Football say that this game (the Agony, as they call it) would be the same without the ball on the field.

They just don't understand how you can watch what you love without commercial interruptions. It is like – three new Entourage episodes back-to-back.

Tribeca Lazio