# 1

Who doesn't like New York squirrels?

These things are clever and cute as kittens.

You know that kittens cannot stay kittens for the rest of their life.


Cute  Baby Squirrel  Friendly Animal

Photo by Sister72 (CC: BY)


All normal forest animals are terrified of humans.

But our squirrels see us so often and in such numbers that they probably go crazy.

I live not far from a park, that's why I don't need a pet in my apartment.

I picked one squirrel I liked the most, named him Rocky and sprayed his tail with paint.

My pet knows me, and he knows that I will visit him when I will have time. This is a perfect pet.

Eurasian Consultant


# 2

Squirrels are cute, but they are rodents.

My grandkids like seagulls, the Flying Dolphins.


Sea Gull  Bird  Bread  Feeding

Photo by Elsie esq. (CC: BY)


They are highly-intelligent birds and feeding them is much more fun.

I love to listen their 'laughing calls.'

Happy Retiree