# 1

I never really liked math, not until I came to New York, the Command Center of the Global Economy.

It commands this economy via two important Outposts. I visited both of them:

I. Don't ask Britons for the direction to Piccadilly Circus. Because there are no directions in the Great City of London.

II. In Tokyo, people use hand-drawn maps to find their own houses. I don't exaggerate at all: these are true facts.

In New York, right angles set things right. You won't get lost in Manhattan, even if you will try hard. Thank you very much, gridiron planners.

Madison Man

# 2

It is not quite accurate. You want to feel a bit European go somewhere below 14th street. In Greenwich Village f.e.

But, I agree that in 1811 New York set a good example for the rest of Western hemisphere.

NY Sudetenlander