High Five – Greeting – Silhouette – Sunset

Photo by The Gentle (CC: BY-SA)


“How's the Empire

This question I ask other dark-clad Yankees anywhere outside the city limits.

(I would like to visit Monaco and meet Albert Grimaldi one day. I want to remind him that my personal garden is twice bigger than his whole country.)

When I ask this question, I greet my neighbors by showing the right palm, high-fiving them.

For those who didn't know:

What is the real ranking his planet?

Number One – The President of the United States of America

Number Two – The Secretary of United Nation Organization

Number Three – The Head of the World Bank Group

Number Four – The Mayor of New York City

After that – Every Other New Yorker. (We all have the same privileges as Emperor George V, the man made these words famous.)

Then – the rest of the Earth population. It doesn't matter in which consequence. The important thing is that New York number is High FIVE.

Greenpoint Patriarch